Titan Opens Advanced CNC School Inside San Quentin State Prison

One year ago, San Quentin's machine shop was on lockdown and manufactured nothing but dust. Its technology and students separated indefinitely from one another with little to no hope of reunion or revival.

Invited by Michael Valdez Titan toured the old machine shop, with its seventy-plus machines dating back to the ‘20s, and knew what he had to do. With the help of Dante (The Prison's Construction Teacher), his Sponsors, and the Prison Inmates, Titan tore down the shop to its foundation and built on top of it a state-of-the-art training facility. What rose up from the rubble was a CNC Education Platform like none other before it— TITANS of CNC: Academy.

On the first day of its operation, the Inmates made their first solid models by following a TITAN TUTORIAL—this is a proof of concept like none other! TITANS of CNC: Academy is unlike any curriculum ever produced. Besides solving many problems, like standardizing tools and materials, the Academy leads by example with its simple step-by-step instructional videos.

Nothing excites us more than sharing this next level approach to CNC Education. We look forward to inspiring current and future generations of educators, machinists, hobbyists, and students!