Two Gifts. Just For You!


2017 is going to be HUGE!

In this weeks updates, we added a new series on "LIVE TOOLING" and Sign Ups for our Educators LIVE-WorkShops.

So, you think you're a TITAN of CNC? Prove it! We designed this series for students of any level to learn advanced live tooling techniques on a lathe. Soon, we'll release videos to demonstrate what it takes to program from a solid model and machine the complete set. Click the button below to see the models for each piece and the baddest chess board ever!

TITANS of CNC Academy

Conference & Workshop

Take everything you know about conferences and throw it out the window! Titan, along with industry experts, will usher in a new era of hands-on learning and educational instruction for teachers and machine shop owners. They'll go shoulder-to-shoulder with YOU, to not just discuss why we do what we do, but dirty our hands and show you how to compete at the highest level. Let's stop talking and start making!