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CoroPlus® ToolLibrary - Available to Education

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary helps to create and export tool assemblies to CAM, simulation, or tool management software. The workflow is based on standardized tool data that allows you to work with tools from any supplier providing an ISO 13399 catalog.

Is your workstation online? If so, set your catalogs to synchronize automatically. When working offline, your catalogs are stored locally. <...

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Update on CNC Contest Information Portal

As of this morning, 135 instructors in 36 states are now logged into the portal. 29 CNC Competition Chairpersons are registered.

Updates: On the secure portal the State Mill & Lathe Competition Materials are available to Contest Chairs. Adviser Portal - Practice Materials Available for Advisers. Tomorrow on the Secure Portal the State Mill & Lathe Multiple Choice Tests and Answers availab...

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SkillsUSA 2018 - CNC Competition Support - Information Portal is Now Open -

On August 4, 2017, the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) was authorized by SkillsUSA National Technical Committee for CNC Programs.

The TAB primary goal is to develop and direct a framework to support continuity and consistency throughout Regional and State Competitions that is aligned to SkillsUSA National Technical Standards.

The eight member board is currently composed of CNC educa...

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Registration is now open! Click the link to register today! You may register more than one person (including your Spouse or Guest). You will receive an email confirmation with a TICKET attached showing everything you registered for.
Once we have the Workshops scheduled, we will send an email notifying you to go back and select your Workshops.
If you have any questions or run in...

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